Space Walker PB Prerolls – Pack Of 10

$ 99.99

2G Power Blend (THC-P + Delta-8)
Resealable Bag
Natural Unbleached Paper
3rd Party Lab Tested

10 x Space Walker 2000MG Live Resin Power Blend Delta 8 + Enriched With THC-P 2G Pre-Rolls By Flying Monkey – Pack of 2

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Banana Kush, Candyland, Fruit Punch, Fruity Pebbles, Grape Stomper, Melonade, Pink Champagne, Space Cadet, Starberry

1 review for Space Walker PB Prerolls – Pack Of 10

  1. admin

    I really enjoyed these, got the Space Walker and smelled great. Effects were awesome. For the price you couldn’t ask for a better deal. I would recommend these to anyone who needs to relax after a hectic day or just wants to try something different.

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